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Living in Queens often comes with a busy lifestyle. Between work, family, and neighborhood friends, you need a reliable junk removal service.

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Why Choose JunkHub

Transparent Pricing

Ditch the hidden fees and stick with a team that provides transparent pricing plans for all your junk removal needs. We ensure you get the junk removal NYC services you need without breaking the bank.

Flexible Scheduling

Living around NYC is a crazy busy lifestyle. Our experienced team will work around your schedule to ensure all your junk is safely removed from your location. We make it easy to keep NYC clean.

Vetted Professionals

We take the time to carefully vet, train, and ensure every one of our professional team members can perform this crucial role. Our professional team fuels our strong company culture and dedication to a client-centric experience.

Eco-conscious Solutions

You've spoken, and we've listened! All our junk removal NYC services are build around sustainability. We carefully sort, dispose, and recycle all pieces to ensure an environmentally conscious solution for your junk.

Transparent Pricing

3 Cubic Yards
6 Cubic Yards
9 Cubic Yards
12 Cubic Yards
15 Cubic Yards
18 Cubic Yards
20 Cubic Yards
3 cubic yards truck junkhub
6 cubic yards truck junkhub
9 cubic yards truck junkhub
12 cubic yards truck junkhub
15 cubic yards truck junkhub
18 cubic yards truck junkhub
20 cubic yards truck junkhub

3 Cubic Yards

Need to Junk a few items?

3 cubic yards should do the trick!

Great for a small load, minor items, or trash bags

Got more junk than expected?

No problem! We only charge for the space you use.
No need to reschedule.*

6 Cubic Yards is ideal for clearing a tiny storage room or small closet.

9 Cubic Yards is an excellent option for a small home office or single room.

12 Cubic Yards is good for decluttering a small bedroom or one-car garage.

15 Cubic Yards is our top choice for a studio apartment or one-bedroom space.

18 Cubic Yards is excellent for a two-bedroom apartment or larger space.

20 Cubic Yards is the best choice for a small house, two-bedroom apartment, or job site.

JUNK Light









Great for pesky smaller items.

Works well with DIY projects by cleaning away leftover pieces and debris.

Simply call our team, and we’ll load up all the extra items like:

Pavement Max




We remove heavy pavement debris from your site.

Whether repaving your stoop, landscaping your garden, or simply building a DIY brick BBQ pit for the family, we’ve got you covered.

Simply call our team, and we’ll load up all the extra items like:

Haul-It Express









Moving to a new apartment?

Need to clean out your storage space?

Time to ditch older furniture your kids have grown out of?

JunkHub has you covered!

Our team provides the bags and skills to safely package all your old debris, including dismantling and breaking apart your old furniture.

Simply call our team, and we’ll load up all the extra items like:

*Truck Space is Limited

Once your truck is filled to max capacity, no additional junk/debris may be added.The rim of the truck box is our max load. If additional trips are required, please reschedule for a new pick-up order. Additional standard rates apply.


  • First time using this type of service, was not sure what to expect. Pleasantly surprised. They quoted me a good price and were able to come same day. When they... read more

    Clement Choua Avatar Clement Choua
    August 8, 2021

    Did a great Job, available right away and inexpensive.

    Joseph Aizer Avatar Joseph Aizer
    June 8, 2023

    A professional company, very reliable and honest, and most importantly excellent costumer service. Highly recommend!

    Lior Mortob Avatar Lior Mortob
    August 2, 2023

    Great service and quick removal. Highly recommend.

    Sal H Avatar Sal H
    August 4, 2023

Proud to Serve New York Since 2009

JunkHub is the unrivaled choice for top-notch junk removal Queens services. Our dedicated team has spent years perfecting the safe, reliable, and eco-friendly removal process so you don’t have to. We take pride in offering customer service that boosts our ever-growing book of return and referral clients. Why? Because we are locally owned and rely on our reputation.

Our team believes in simplicity when it comes to pricing. Instead of using complex algorithms, we stick to an easy-to-remember premise – pay for what you use. If you don’t fill our trucks, no big deal. We only charge for the space you use. Each of our incredible team members has the training, experience, and tools to remove your various junk items safely.

Being a junk removal Queens specialist, we are committed to our local environment. We partner with providers around the city to safely dispose of and recycle any material received. Say goodbye to hauling old debris and junk yourself – let us do the heavy lifting. Book our junk removal Queens services now and get the convenience of JunkHub!

Junk Removal NYC in 3 Simple Steps


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Our simple pricing model ensures you get a reliable quote based on the estimated amount of junk you need safely hauled away.


Let Us Do the Job

Experienced JunkHub team members will come to your location, remove your debris, and even break down old furniture while you relax.


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